The Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge is a support group with community bonding activities that include recognizing and being in sync with what’s happening in the cycles of the natural world. We also learn together about and celebrate the different phases of a woman’s life (Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Wise Woman). The moon phases and the seasons of the year echo this same pattern, and our meetings are an opportunity to connect with nature for personal development.
The Moon Lodge is not a religious organization. The Moon Lodge group activities are meant to be a side companion to each person’s own personal religious practices. The focus is support, community, and unity in an atmosphere that is INTER-RELIGIOUS meaning people from all different religions are invited to come together to share in prayerful space, respecting each other’s way of prayer.
When considering the gift that the Moon Lodge community is offering to the world, the words that come again and again are “Unity in Diversity”.
The Moon Lodge is about unity, looking beyond our surface differences to the center core of love to create True Community. We offer a demonstration of what it looks like to live in authenticity and joy, celebrating our unique gifts. We offer a safe place where we can be seen, for only in this loving atmosphere can we unfurl our wings and discover who we truly are.
We are a women’s support group.
In our activities, we are mindful of subjects and offerings that alienate others or that polarize the surrounding culture. Instead, we focus on what brings people together, on what uplifts ourselves and the larger surrounding community. Again and again we come back to Unity in Diversity.

Our mission is to cultivate a community within which women and girls have the opportunity to nurture their own development of wellness and empowerment in every aspect of their lives. We do this through events and retreats that cultivate a culture of mutual support, through contact with nature as therapy, and through our additional wellness services. We believe that because women are at the heart of families and communities, as they live in joy, wellbeing, and power the whole world benefits.

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