Yoga Classes

I am teaching yoga classes currently in the local Peru, Indiana area. My classes are designed to accommodate all ability levels. I offer appropriate modifications and promote an atmosphere of encouragement and inclusivity. You leave the yoga studio feeling refreshed and aligned on every level.

Current Class Schedule:

TO RESERVE your place in the semi-private yoga classes at the studio, please contact Shakti Penelope through phone or text at (765) 460-6309 or through email at

What people are saying about Shakti Penelope’s yoga classes:

“I love yoga class with Penelope. Of course it is great for the body, but I especially like the way she talks and guides me through. I like how she ties nature and the seasons into it. When I leave yoga with Penelope I feel like my brain had a massage.” – R.

“First of all, I love the way Shakti Penelope starts her class with a check in. It really helps me center myself and pay attention to what is on my heart and on my mind. I love carrying that word or thought with me during the yoga practice that day, and many times I think about it in the days to come. I love that Shakti Penelope’s yoga class wakes my body up and energizes me through out the day. Finally, my most favorite part is the final relaxation known as savasana. The little journey my mind takes in it’s most relaxed state is indescribable. I feel so many benefits from this small respite. I always leave her yoga class feeling refreshed, renewed and loved. I have a peace that only her class can give me! Thank you so very much!!” – B.

“I’ve never practiced yoga in a way that touched on not only stretching and balance, but on my mind, my thoughts and my heart. A session with Shakti Penelope is like no other. She makes us feel so loved.” – L.

“The first time I attended Shakti Penelope’s yoga class, I was hooked! I felt such peace as she talked us through the relaxation part of the practice. Being a newbie to yoga, I was so thankful to have found her. She is very patient as we are learning, and so respectful of our feelings as we newbies step into the unknown. Penelope’s practice centers on the sun salutation pose, focusing on breathing and working on the individual’s inner energy and peace. At the same time, you will tone muscles you never knew existed! I highly recommend Shakti Penelope’s Yoga practice. Believe me, you’ll love her!” – J.

“I have really valued being able to continue in my yoga practice with Penelope over the last month! With all the stress going on in the world, it’s so nice to be able to reset and take an hour each week to invest time in myself… both for my mental and physical health! Penelope leads class in a very nurturing and comfortable way. You never feel like you are being forced to do any move that does not serve your body! I would highly recommend this lovely practice to anyone in need of a peaceful yoga flow and amazing teacher. Thanks Penelope!” – C.

“I have had the pleasure in joining Penelope’s yoga classes for the last two months. It has been such a calming factor for me each week during this difficult time. This experience has been so great as she encourages you to do what your body is telling you. Her kind and positive energy is what I enjoy most about this class. I would highly recommend taking part in this practice.” – R.