I assist others in gaining greater clarity in their personal lives.
My one-on-one sessions include talk therapy, expressive arts techniques, as well as powerful guided visualizations.

“Don’t waste your time chasing butterflies.
Mend your garden,
and the butterflies will come.”

~ Mario Quintana

My goal is to provide a supportive atmosphere in which you may cultivate a more conscious connection to your own inner guidance, a resource that will serve your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life. Through our one-on-one counseling sessions, I help you uncover the innate self-healing, course-correcting tendency we all have beneath the surface of our present circumstances.

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“I can’t tell you how much Shakti Penelope has helped me confront my grief and anger resulting from my mother’s death. Shakti’s ability to guide me through two sessions of visualization therapy has changed my life by regaining a healthy lifestyle- both mentally and physically. I would recommend her for any and all counseling needs.”
– M.W.

“I am truly and forever grateful for my work with Shakti Penelope! If not for her, I wouldn’t have started on my healing journey and healed from everything that I have been through! I wouldn’t be on the spiritual journey that I have been on for close to a year. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for our work together! Our sessions really do mean so much to me! I would highly recommend Shakti Penelope to anyone that needs counseling because she is awesome! I do believe the timing of our work together was meant to be! Shakti Penelope is truly an inspiration, and it’s a treasure to know her!”
– S.D.

“Shakti Penelope guided me through a soul-retrieval session specific to one issue that had been bothering me for years. The session helped me have a felt-sense of moving through the issue to the other side, and I’m thankful for the resulting freedom. She also, as per my request, gave me an introduction to the wisdom of my body, and I’ve been able to use her framework as an effective starting point in that part of my journey. Shakti Penelope has a gentle, intuitive, and organic style of guidance while still retaining a knowledgeable and effective approach. I feel that my time working with Shakti Penelope was well worth it in terms of how it positively affected and enriched my life. She compassionately accompanied me through a personal matter that had held me back, and she gave me insights and tools that I continue to utilize on my path. I have noticed greater groundedness and a sense of direction, and I feel gratitude for all of it.”
– C.W.

“I certainly feel a shift has occurred since my sessions with Shakti Penelope. Before my recent introduction to Penelope I feel I was on the right path to emotional healing. However, I feel I met Penelope in perfect timing, as she has helped move this process along in a very gentle yet powerful way. The guided journeys were so powerful and enlightening and have really helped me know my power. I feel my confidence to move through the light and dark with grace, love, and forgiveness has been given a boost. A certain shift has occurred in my will to be my authentic self and embrace my gifts even when someone important to me cannot. Trusting my intuition and accepting my spiritual connection to the universe for me and living these truths for myself has been such a freeing and empowering realization. Penelope helping and encouraging me connect with my deceased father has been so beneficial. A heavy weight has been lifted. Helping me face past traumas that I had been pushing away instead of acknowledging that pain. I know it wants to be seen and will not go away until it is. These guided journeys and visions are tools I will carry with me and utilize when I am called to. The drawings and journaling after the journeys I found to be very beneficial, a visual aid to help me reflect on the healing and growth that occurred. Penelope’s suggestions for self care and protection have been beneficial and are things I will carry on. I feel Penelope’s style of guidance was a perfect match for me. I felt welcomed and comfortable. I trust Penelope. Her energy is kind and genuine. I feel loved, heard, and honored. I’m really amazed in three sessions how much I have been awakened to with Penelope’s guidance. It was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for. She is a gift.”
– A.B.